Notes from the SDG Global Festival of Action, Bonn

Hello folks! Am at the UN Festival of Action at Bonn, and I’ll be putting some of the key highlights here.

Marina Ponti, Global Director a.i, UN SDG Action Campaign

What’s the festival about? It’s really about goals like the SDG 2030 moving out from rooms where policies are made, out to the larger population. Because face it- the SDG addresses “complex changes that humanity is facing”.

What have the last few years been like? You know, all of this goes back to what I am always thinking- the real difference in goals like these will happen when the poorest, the most lef-behind communities are impacted. I keep thinking about my own country India, and many vulnerable groups there. Bonn is such a heaven and the citizens enjoy such wonderful public facilities that it SADDENS me to think of what our people are missing.

You can walk/cycle along the Rhine to get to the venue

How did I get here? Well, I was looking for making myself more useful in the fallow year :), and I found out about this festival. You should try and sign up for the next one. Registration is free, and you can make a trip of Europe while at it 🙂 Click here to visit the official site.

Who’s here? the world is literally here 🙂 There are representatives from the UN, Parliamentarian, Civil Action Groups, Individuals, Mojos, Activists, Ecopreneurs and Data Scientists.

Yusuf Omar, Co-founder Hashtag Our Stories

Is it worth it? Absolutely! it’s all like one panelist said- giving out more information, spreading the knowledge, making people aware, getting them committed and making every single person take action! Click here to know more about the SDG goals and where India stands.

Stay tuned!