Half a Diana

Ever wondered how people can claim that certain artwork they have is a genuine Bansky?

So apparently there’s a bunch of folks who work with the anonymous artist and who call themselves “Pest Control”. You send your piece of Bansky work that you found/stole/borrowed to them. After checking for authenticity they send you a Certificate of Validation, and Half a Diana.

A what?

So some years back, Bansky created 1 million copies of 10 pound lookalikes, but instead of the Queen (you know the little old lady), he put the picture of Princess Diana. He distributed these at a fair as artwork, but people got so confused that the work went into circulation! He now has a standing charge of forgery 🤔🤔. Here’s a pic of the note.

A full Diana 🙂 picture taken at the ongoing Bansky exhibition at MOCO, Amsterdam.

Anyhow, the Pest Control folks will send you a certificate for original Bansky work, along with half a Diana note. The other half they keep.

And that my friends.. Is how you preserve your anonymity white still doing quality control.

Human ingenuity knows no bounds!