You, me and CO2

Climate Change- this has to be one of the buzziest “environmental impact” topics that the world has seen in a while. Especially today…when many folks are participating in the Global Climate Strike. There is little wonder at such visibility given all the evidence that’s available for those who look. In addition, climate change has probably one of the more “easily” quantifiable measures – CO2. Something that everyone (should) understand.

What’s more worrying is that this is just one of the many environmental impacts. Nevertheless, we have to start somewhere and might as well start here.

So, what did You do today?

No judgements, am just curious. I’ll tell you what I did…nothing. But I have been reading about the strike and wondering what I would write about (and here we are). Before we continue, let us know what you did through the poll below.

Who’s responsible?

All of us are. You can choose to evaluate emissions at an absolute or per-capita level, but at I think this is mostly a country-level negotiation exercise.

What matters to individuals like you and me is the absolute CO2 we are living with. What matters is what your country is doing about either the absolute high emissions or the high per-capita of emissions that is produced. What matters is how it is affecting your children, and your community. [PS: hint…mostly it’s the poor and the vulnerable that bear the heaviest burden of any environmental impact]

Have a look at these charts I found on a wonderful website- Visual Capitalist.

Absolute carbon emissions, chart drawn basis data from Global Carbon Atlas 2017, Neil Kaye, Global Carbon Project, CDIAC. Link here
Per-cap carbon emissions from the same Visual Capitalist website. Link here

Encouraging steps

What I have liked the most about the discourse on Climate Change is the ownership of the civic community. This is a new global trend that should be interesting in what is already being called…a post-neoliberal world.

My life seems to have coincided with the growth of massive carbon emissions so far. It could yet see the beginning of a whole new economic-socio-cultural system. Here’s to a greener future.

Before you go…here’s a final poll!

Featured Image of Planetary Boundaries : By Felix Mueller – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Image: