Episode 2- Why Hindustan Unilever is talking about Plastic Packaging

In Feb 2021, HUL made an announcement that it was going to collect & process 100% of the plastic packaging waste it generated. Why is that significant? I’ll be discussing that in this episode.

Also, am not reading from a script, so there are some wild tangents! :p Life is a journey and a series of improvements 🙂

Also…you may hear my wooden (not plastic) and very old and creaky chair being cranky!

and I also tell you about a toolkit! There’s a bit of giggle there, and for my non-Indian listeners, here’s the context

Links to various references that I made:

Hindustan Unilever’s Press Release on Plastic Waste Collection (Feb 2021)

Unilever’s Press Release on Reusable/Recyclable/Compostable Plastic Packaging (Jan 2017)

The New Plastics Economy 2016 Report from WEF-EllenMacArthur Foundation-McKinsey

Jenna Jambeck has many papers on plastic waste. This one talks about the impact of the ban on plastic waste imports by China.

I found that article! Correction: It was microplastics in a foetus, not baby. – Guardian article (Dec 2020)

Plastic Waste Audit from Break Free From Plastic