You, me and CO2

You, me and CO2

Climate Change- this has to be one of the buzziest "environmental impact" topics that the world has seen in a while. Especially today...when many folks are participating in the Global Climate Strike. There is little wonder at such visibility given all the evidence that's available for those who look. In addition, climate change has probably one of the more "easily" quantifiable measures - CO2. Something that everyone (should) understand.

Post-Modern Memes

I need to create a list of memes I love. Here's one..not all true...I would change one phrase "total distrust of men" to "total distrust of mankind" 🤪🥴🌩️ (I'll keep updating).

We are what we consume

Or to be more specific to this blog, we are what we watch. Take a look at the content landscape in India. After wading through mind-boggling figures on the audience size and the enormous deal values struck by content producers and platforms, it does get a little difficult to ground yourself with "what exactly is [...]

Half a Diana

Ever wondered how people can claim that certain artwork they have is a genuine Bansky? So apparently there's a bunch of folks who work with the anonymous artist and who call themselves "Pest Control". You send your piece of Bansky work that you found/stole/borrowed to them. After checking for authenticity they send you a Certificate [...]