Episode 2- Why Hindustan Unilever is talking about Plastic Packaging

In Feb 2021, HUL made an announcement that it was going to collect & process 100% of the plastic packaging waste it generated. Why is that significant? I'll be discussing that in this episode. https://open.spotify.com/episode/1O9GGwtkKnlfZWxZnFvUfX Also, am not reading from a script, so there are some wild tangents! :p Life is a journey and a [...]

A Sustainability and Business Podcast!

Hello!! Announcing my new podcast which is going to be various news and views I collect on what businesses are doing about the sustainability agenda...including trying to go behind the scene on how they are defining sustainability. My first episode is out, so do listen and send me your feedback! Currently available on Spotify, but [...]

nice cloth bag. not.

nice cloth bag. not.

it is one thing to create a massive and global problem thanks to our usage of plastic in almost everything. it is quite another to well, try and fix something and make it even worse. an example is what we have done with plastic waste, which is easily about 80% of all plastic that has [...]